Sunquest Code:AUTOPSCoPath Code:AUTO
Epic Code:LAB4607Epic Name:Autopsy Exam
Sunquest Code (non-Epic sites):COPATH  
Order Instructions:Do not order.
Synonyms:Postmortem Examination; Fetal Autopsy
Test Includes:Gross and microscopic exam and diagnosis. Additional studies will be performed when clinically indicated or by special request.
Turnaround Time:Provisional autopsy diagnosis is available within 24 hours; final report is available within 30 working days.
Special Instructions:Call to notify Pathology of a pending autopsy. At UMMC call 612-273-3486, at FSH call 952-924-5140, at FRH call 952-892-2085. The following information must be provided: patient care unit, caller name and phone number, patient name and medical record number, requesting physician and pager, person signing consult and permit, if routine or emergency. Autopsy will not be performed until a valid signed "Authorization for Postmortem Examination" has been completed by the highest ranking survivor on the next-of-kin lineage. For additional information refer to intranet policies and procedures.

Collection Instructions

Collection Instructions:Not applicable.

Processing and Shipping

Test Performed at or Referral Lab Anatomic Pathology, UMMC/UMCH West Bank  (UMMC-East Bank)


Use:Ascertain diseases and their pathogenesis, evaluate the effects of treatment, determine the cause(s) of death. Identify underlying and proximate causes of death; identify discordance between clinical autopsy diagnoses; and clarify questions the decedent's family may have about the cause of death. Benefits of autopsies include the discovery of new diseases; causal relationships and complications; education of medical students, residents and doctors; evaluation of new technologies, therapies and interventions; research and a source of such organs as corneal grafts. Additional purposes include genetic counseling (molecular diagnostics and cytogenetics); diagnosis of unexpected contagious diseases or occupational diseases; reinforcement of importance of medical uncertainty; improvement of the accuracy of death certificates; positive effect on insurance and death benefit claims.

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