Heparin (10a) Level

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Epic Code:LAB3301Epic Name:Heparin 10A Level
Synonyms:Heparin Xa; Heparin Level; Lovenox; Enoxaparin; Anti 10A; Anti Xa
Methodology:Chromogenic (synthetic substrate) activity assay
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Turnaround Time:Performed and reported 24 hours/day.
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Specimen Collection and Processing for Coagulation Specimens

Collection Instructions

Optimal Volume:2.7 mL (in 3 mL tube)
Minimum\Peds Volume:1.8 mL (in 2 mL tube)
Collection Instructions:Collect 4-6 hours after low molecular weight heparin administration. For correct anticoagulant to blood ratio, place 2.7 mL blood in 3 mL tube or 1.8 mL blood in 2 mL tube. If the patient's hematocrit is >55%, contact laboratory to obtain a special tube. If using a butterfly needle, a waste tube must be collected before the blue top.
After Care:If the patient has a coagulation abnormality, apply direct pressure to the puncture site for 10 minutes; apply a pressure dressing. Instruct the patient to leave the bandage on for 12 hours.
Causes for Rejection:Underfilled tubes, clotted specimens, specimen is greater than 4 hours old or not processed appropriately within 1 hour after collection; over-filled tubes.

Processing and Shipping

Specimen Processing:Must be processed within 1 hour of collection. Remove plasma, aliquot a minimum of 0.8 mL into polypropylene tube. Immediately place in dry ice or -70C freezer. See Associated Links for additional processing instructions.
Shipping Instructions:Ship processed plasma on dry ice. Must arrive within 48 hours.
Test Performed at or Referral Lab Coagulation  (Fairview Range - FRMC, UMMC-East Bank, Fairview Lakes - FLMC, Fairview Ridges - FRH, Fairview Northland - FNMC, Fairview Southdale - FSH, UMMC/UMMCH-West Bank, Grand Itasca GICH)


Critical Range:Greater than 1.0 IU/mL; does not apply if patient is on low molecular weight heparin.
If the patient is receiving unfractionated heparin and the result is greater than 1.10 IU/mL, the result should be considered as >1.10 IU/mL. The analytical measurement limit for unfractionated heparin is up to 1.10 IU/mL. This does not apply to patients on low molecular weight heparin. The analytical measurement limit for low molecular weight heparin is up to 2.00 IU/mL.
Therapeutic Range:

If collected 4-6 hours after administration:

  • Enoxaparin: If administered twice daily with dose 1 mg/kg: 0.60-1.0 IU/mL. If administered only once daily with a dose of 1.5 mg/kg: 1.0-2.0 IU/mL
  • Unfractionated heparin: "Low intensity" for CV, vascular and thrombolytic therapy: 0.15-0.35 IU/mL; "high intensity" for DVT and PE: 0.3-0.7 IU/mL


Use:Estimate the concentration of physiologically active heparin anticoagulant (anti-Factor Xa activity) in plasma.

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