Gram Stain

Sunquest Code:GRAM  
Epic Code:LAB250Epic Name:Gram Stain
Synonyms:Bacterial Smear
Methodology:Gram stain
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Test Includes:Microscopic exam of Gram stained specimen. Perform all CSF, subdural fluid, subarachnoid fluid and stat gram stains prior to sending to IDDL.
Turnaround Time:Performed 24 hours/day; results are reported in approximately 4 hours for routine testing, and 30-60 minutes for STAT testing.
Special Instructions:Indicate specimen site on request form.

Collection Instructions

Specimen:Automatically performed on: CSF, subdural fluid, subarachnoid fluid, sputum (expectorated), and vaginal. Other specimen types require a specific request.
Optimal Volume:3 mL fluid or aspirate
Minimum\Peds Volume:0.5 mL fluid or aspirate. Tissue must be visible.
Collection Instructions:

Any source other than fluid, tissue or aspirate

UMMC, FRH, FSH, FNH, FLH: Use CoPan Eswab
FRMC: Use culturette swab

Fluid, tissue or aspirate

Sterile container.

For STAT gram stain on fluid, tissue or aspirate, also collect CoPan ESwab
(Exception: UMMC East Bank).



Contraindications:Not an adequately sensitive test on direct blood films; not useful on throat or fecal specimens except to screen for overgrowth of yeast. Gram stain may not be possible on hard bone specimens or foreign bodies (i.e., catheter tips) without the presence of soft tissue or purulent material. Testing on these specimens may be canceled at laboratory's discretion.

Processing and Shipping

Specimen Processing:Store at room temperature.
Shipping Instructions:Ship slides at room temperature in protective slide holder. If a culture is also requested, laboratory will use the original specimen to prepare a smear and a separate slide is not required.
Test Performed at or Referral Lab Infectious Diseases Diagnostic Lab-Microbiology  (UMMC/UMMCH West Bank - Stat only, Fairview Range - FRMC, UMMC-East Bank, Grand Itasca GICH)


Reference Range:No organisms seen.
Use:Provides preliminary information regarding presence or absence of bacteria, yeast, neutrophils, epithelial cells, pathogenic organisms, anaerobic organisms, Sensitivity of culture is significantly higher as compared to gram stain alone. Culture also allows antibacterial susceptibility testing of pathogenic organisms. It is recommended to order appropriate culture in conjunction with gram stain. Diagnosis of bacterial vaginosis does not required a culture. May be helpful for diagnosis of moniliasis (thrush).

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