M Health Fairview Reference Laboratories (MRL)

M Health Fairview Reference Laboratories (MRL) supports the Fairview Health System and its partners as a premier integrated laboratory system by providing:

  • High quality, accessible, cost effective, comprehensive services
  • Innovative clinical laboratory practice
  • Educational resources for its healthcare practitioners
  • Accessible diagnostic information in response to customer needs

Recognized regionally and nationally, the laboratory offers a full range of testing services, from acute care support to unique reference diagnostic testing, with a strong emphasis on quality, accuracy and timeliness.

Services include: routine and complex testing, 24-hour clinical pathology and technical consultation, cost competitive pricing, cutting-edge technologies, educational opportunities, and special project assistance.

To Search the Lab Guide:

  • Find a Test:   Select Name/Synonym or Sound and enter any part of the test name in the box.
  • Topics:   Select the first letter of the tests you wish to search.
  • Test Code:   Select Abbrev or Epic, and then enter test code in the box.
  • Press Enter or click the Search box.


  • Miscellaneous (LSMISC) testing sent to a reference lab, will display with the Lab Guide number after the name, e.g., Test Name - LG1234
  • Find a Test, the Names and Synonyms will display in blue font. Following a synonym, the name will display in black italics, e.g., Synonym (See: Test Name).