Blood, Urine, Qualitative

Abbrev Code:UBLD   
Order Code:LAB3815Order Name:Blood Urine
Synonyms:Hemoglobin, Qualitative, Urine
Methodology:Reagent strip
CPT Codes: 81003 x1
Turnaround Time:Performed and reported 24 hours/day.
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Urine Collection Procedure

Collection Instructions

Specimen:Urine, random collection
Optimal Volume:Submit entire collection; analysis requires 1 mL
Container:Plastic leakproof container, sterile
Collection Instructions:Specimen of choice is a first morning, mid-stream, clean catch urine. Deliver to laboratory within 1 hour.
Causes for Rejection:Collected with preservatives; stored at room temperature > 2 hours.

Processing and Shipping

Specimen Processing:Aliquot 1 mL, 0.5 mL minimum. Store in refrigerator.
Shipping Instructions:Ship at refrigerated temperature.
Stability:Some research protocols may use UBLDR which includes UBLD and URBC.
Test Performed at or Referral Lab Urinalysis  (Clinics, CSC Maple Grove, CSC Maple Grove, CSC Mpls, CSC Mpls, Lakes, Northland, Ridges, Southdale, St. John's, UMMC East Bank, UMMC West Bank, Woodwinds)


Reference Range:Negative
Use:Detect hematuria; hemoglobinuria. Positive with myoglobinuria.

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