Intraoperative Consultation/Frozen Section

Abbrev Code:Surg Path Ex   
Order Code:LAB4613Order Name:Surgical Pathology Exam
Synonyms:Frozen Section; FS; Gross Exam with Immediate Diagnosis
CPT Codes: 88331 x1, 88329 x1, 88331-26 x1, 88332 x1, 88332-26 x1
Test Includes:Gross with or without frozen section. Microscopic with immediate diagnosis, followed by routine surgical path report.
Turnaround Time:Performed Mon-Fri, 0800-1700; turnaround time is approximately 20 minutes; final report 1-2 days.
UMMC: Call laboratory prior to sending specimen. For performance after hours at UMMC, contact the fellow/resident 20-30 minutes prior to submission of specimen for frozen section analysis through the on-call paging system (Search: Surgical Pathology Primary On-Call UMMC).
Special Instructions:Provide clinical findings, history and clinical diagnosis on request form. On evenings and weekends, contact Surgical Pathologist On Call through the hospital page operator.

Collection Instructions

Specimen:Fresh tissue with no fixatives added
Container:Container, Tissue, sterile
Collection Instructions:Label specimen container with patient identification and body site.
Causes for Rejection:Specimen submitted in fixative.

Processing and Shipping

Test Performed at or Referral Lab Anatomic Pathology, West Bank  (Lakes, Northland, Ridges, Southdale, UMMC East Bank, UMMC/UMMCH-West Bank)


Reference Range:Interpretive report.
Use:Provisional histopathologic findings or diagnosis.

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