Electrocardiogram, Pediatric

Sunquest Code:OPEKG  
  Epic Name:ECG PEDS OP
Order Instructions:This test cannot be ordered.
Synonyms:ECG, Pediatric; EKG, Pediatric; Cardiogram, Pediatric; Rhythm Strip, Pediatric; ECG, Pediatric
Test Includes:

12-Lead ECG; Rhythm strip included upon request



Turnaround Time:Preliminary recording is sent to clinic with the patient as soon as recording is completed. Final interpretation is provided by pediatric cardiology.
Special Instructions:Complete request including patient name, identification number, clinic, age, height, weight, and heart medications. Rhythm strips are recorded in conjunction with a 12-lead EKG so that a reasonable interpretation can be obtained. Ten seconds of three simultaneous leads or up to three minutes of a single lead may be recorded. Please indicate need on request form.

The respiratory virus assay is a real time PCR assay from GenMark. It is FDA approved for nasopharyngeal specimens only. Bronchial, respiratory aspirate, nasal/respiratory wash sample types have been validated by the Infectious Diseases Diagnostic Laboratory of the University of Minnesota Medical Center, Fairview. All other specimen sources have not been validated.

Collection Instructions

Patient Preparation:EKG recording should be performed with patient lying flat if possible. Bandages on the chest in lead positions may necessitate either deleting those leads or lifting the tape edges to access correct lead position. Compromising the lead position is not acceptable. The patient needs to be relaxed during the test to prevent artifact.

Processing and Shipping

Test Performed at or Referral Lab (UMMC-East Bank)

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