Blood Gas, Cord Blood

Abbrev Code:BGCDB   
Order Code:LAB3322Order Name:Blood Gas Cord
Synonyms:Cord Blood Gas
CPT Codes: 82803 x1
Test Includes:pH and Base Excess

Collection Instructions

Specimen:Blood, specify arterial or venous
Optimal Volume:1 mL
Minimum\Peds Volume:0.5 mL (3 mL syringe); 0.2 mL (tuberculin syringe); 4 inch segment of cord tissue (clamped)
Container:Dry heparin syringe
Collection Instructions:Specimen should be free of air bubbles. Deliver to laboratory immediately; preferably within 30 minutes; ice is not required. Alternatively, within 60 minutes is acceptable.

Processing and Shipping

Specimen Processing:Do not store.
Shipping Instructions:N/A
Test Performed at or Referral Lab Chemistry  (Lakes, Northland, Ridges, Southdale, St. John's, UMMC West NICU, Woodwinds)


Critical Range:Arterial or venous pH: Less than 7.16
Reference Range:
pH 7.16 - 7.39
pCO2 35 - 71 mmHg
pO2 3 - 33 mmHg
Base Excess -9.6 - 2.0 mmol/L
HCO3 16 - 24 m

pH 7.21 - 7.45
pCO2 27 - 57 mmHg
pO2 21 - 37 mmHg
Base Excess -8.1 - 1.9 mmol/L
HCO3 16 - 24
  • Evaluate oxygen and metabolic parameters
  • Monitor oxygen therapy

Base Excess: Positive values indicate a relative deficit of noncarbonic acids; negative values (base deficit) indicate a relative excess of non-carbonic acids.  

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