Platelet Aggregation Tests

Abbrev Code:PRAGB   
Order Code:LAB3691Order Name:Platelet Aggregation w/ADP, TBN, COL, ARACH ACID, RIST (3conc)
Synonyms:Platelet Aggregation Studies; Platelet Function Tests
Methodology:Platelet aggregation and luminescence
CPT Codes: 85576 x1, 85576 x1, 85576 x1, 85579 x1, 85576 x1, 85576 x1, 85576 x6, 85576 x6
Test Includes:Platelet aggregation including ADP, Epinephrine, Thrombin, Collagen, Arachidonic Acid and Ristocetin at various concentrations. Tests to be done are determined by discussion between ordering physician and coagulation physician.
Special Instructions:The patient must be on site for testing. Call lab (612-273-4797) to schedule. The patient's drug history is critical. Numerous drugs can impair platelet aggregation.

Collection Instructions

Collection Instructions:Performed by Coagulation Laboratory staff.
Contraindications:Patient receiving platelet inhibitory drugs.

Processing and Shipping

Test Performed at or Referral Lab UM Special Coag (K)  (UMMC East Bank)


Reference Range:See interpretive report by Coagulation physician.

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