Antibodies to Nuclear Antigens, General Information

Abbrev Code:IndivCodes   
Test Includes:If ANA Screen by IFA (IFANA) is positive, one or more of the individual antibody tests may be requested based on clinical presentation: dsDNA, Chromatin IgG, Ribosomal P Protein Aby IgG, SS-A Aby IgG, SS-B Aby IgG, Smith Aby IgG, Smith/RNP Aby IgG, RNP U1 RNA Aby IgG, Scleroderma Aby (SCL-70) IgG, Jo-1 Aby IgG, Centromere Aby IgG; or RNA Polymerase III Antibodies IgG.
Turnaround Time:See individual test listings..

Collection Instructions

Optimal Volume:See individual test listings.
Container:Red or gold (gel)
Alternate Containers: Red (no gel)

Processing and Shipping

Test Performed at or Referral Lab UM Specialty Core/Prot/Endo (Phadia ELiA G)  (ARUP, UMMC East Bank)


Use:Diagnosis of systemic autoimmune diseases.

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