Protein Immunofixation, IgA, IgG, and IgM, Serum

Sunquest Code:IFE  
Epic Code:LAB5889Epic Name:Protein Immunofixation Serum
Synonyms:Immunoelectrophoresis, Serum; Immunofixation; Protein Immunoelectrophoresis, Serum
Methodology:Globulins: immunoturbidmetry; IEP: agarose immunofixation
Test Includes:G-A immunoglobulin (serum); G-G immunoglobulin (serum); G-M immunoglobulin (serum); protein immunofixation
Turnaround Time:Performed Mon-Fri; results are reported the same day.

Collection Instructions

Optimal Volume:3 mL blood
Minimum\Peds Volume:1.2 mL blood
Container:Red or gold (gel)
[Alternate Containers: Red (no gel)]
Collection Instructions:Collect blood in red/black (gel) tube. Alternate containers: red (plain) tube.

Processing and Shipping

Specimen Processing:Blood: Centrifuge at room temperature; aliquot 1 mL, 0.5 mL minimum.
Shipping Instructions:Ship at refrigerated temperature.
Samples suspected of having macroglobulins or cryoglobulins should be collected and held at 37°C. Samples suspected of containing cold agglutinins should not be refrigerated prior to serum separation from the clot.
Test Performed at or Referral Lab Protein  (UMMC-East Bank)


Reference Range:No monoclonal protein seen.
Use:To evaluate type of immunoglobulin constituting a monoclonal protein.

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