Parasite Exam, Macroscopic

Sunquest Code:MACPAR  
Epic Code:LAB3602Epic Name:Macroscopic Parasite Exam
Methodology:Direct macroscopic examination
Test Includes:Identification of adult macroscopic human parasitic worms.
Turnaround Time:Performed Mon-Fri; 0730-1530. Results are reported within 1-2 days.
Special Instructions:Indicate clinical history on request form. Deliver immediately to laboratory.

Collection Instructions

Specimen:Macroscopic round worm, tapeworms, passed intestinally or coughed up.
Container:Plastic leakproof container, sterile
Collection Instructions:Place worms in 70% alcohol or 10% formalin.

Processing and Shipping

Specimen Processing:Store at room temperature.
Shipping Instructions:Ship at room temperature.
Test Performed at or Referral Lab Infectious Diseases Diagnostic Laboratory  (UMMC-East Bank)

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