Her 2 neu

Abbrev Code:HER2CG   
Order Code:LAB4671Order Name:HER 2 neu
Synonyms:Breast Cancer, Neoplastic Cancer; HER-2/neu; ERBB2; HER2 NEU
Methodology:Fluorescent in-situ hybridization (FISH) with HER2 probe set.
CPT Codes: 88377 x1, x1, 88271 x1
Turnaround Time:Processed Mon-Sat; results are reported 1 to 4 days from receipt of slides.
Special Instructions:Must receive test request form. Request form must include:
  • Date and time of specimen collection
  • Attending physician and ordering pathologist
  • Diagnosis
  • Clinical status
  • Specimen type/source
  • Amount of time tissue was in formalin (<6 hours, 6-72 hours or >72 hours).

Collection Instructions

Specimen:Paraffin embedded tissue, 1 H&E, and 3 unstained recuts on positively charged slides.
Container:Microscope slides
Collection Instructions:Positively charged microscope slide. Slides should contain two patient identifiers. Must have patient name and one of the following identifiers: date of birth, medical record number, pathology number.
Causes for Rejection:Decalcified specimens

Processing and Shipping

Specimen Processing:Store at room temperature. Do not process.
  • Specimens must be received in the Cytogenetics Laboratory Mon-Fri by 5:30 pm, Weekends and Holidays by 4:30 pm.
  • Specimens received on Friday will be reported on Monday unless additional reflex testing is needed.
  • Specimens received after these cutoffs will be process on the next HER2 run.
Shipping Instructions:Ship at room temperature.
Test Performed at or Referral Lab Cytogenetics  (UMMC East Bank)

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