Celiac Disease Panel

Epic Code:LABO23175Epic Name:Celiac Disease Panel
Order Instructions:Celiac Disease Panel replaces the Celia Plus test previously sent to Prometheus.
Methodology:See individual test codes
Test Includes:IgA (IGA); Deaminated Gliadin Antibodies, IgA and IgG (DGPABY); Tissue Transglutamniase Antibodies, IgA and IgG (TTGABY); Endomysial Antibody, IgA by IFA (ENDIGA); HLA DQB1 for Celiac Disease (CELIDQ)
Turnaround Time:Varies
Special Instructions:Celiac Disease Panel is an EPIC ordering code that generates 6 individual Sunquest Test codes. See Test Includes and individual test codes for specific information.

Collection Instructions

Optimal Volume:See individual test codes
Collection Instructions:See individual test codes for specific instructions and acceptable containers.

Processing and Shipping

Specimen Processing:See individual test codes.
Shipping Instructions:See individual test codes.


Use:Celiac disease evaluation.

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