Invitae Non-Invasive Prenatal Test Cell Free DNA

Abbrev Code:NIPS   
Order Code:LAB5977Order Name:Non-Invasive Prenatal Test Cell Free DNA
Order Instructions:Follow instructions provided in the Invitae NIPS test kit.
Synonyms:NIPS; Innatal Prenatal Screen; NIPT; Downs; Trisomy; Turner; Klinefelter; XXY, XYY, XXX
Methodology:DNA analysis
CPT Codes: x1
Test Includes:See specimen requisition.
Turnaround Time:Specimens are sent to the reference laboratory Mon-Fri; results are reported within 8-10 days.
Special Instructions:The patient has received comprehensive pre-test counseling for non-invasive prenatal testing, including a review of the benefits and limitations, by the ordering provider. Patients must sign the M Health Fairview informed consent statement. The original request for should be sent to the reference laboratory; a copy should be scanned into the patient's medical record.

Patients with positive, inconclusive, or NO call NIPT results should be referred to Maternal Fetal Medicine Center for a genetic counseling consult. Providers may refer a patient for a GC consult by submitting the MFM Genetic Counseling EPIC referral (ref 9046.025). Maternal Fetal Medicine Center GCs can be reached by calling 612-273-2223.

Collection Instructions

Optimal Volume:20 mL
Minimum\Peds Volume:7 mL
Container:Brown/Black Streck tube provided in Invitae Kit
Collection Instructions:Use Streck tubes in the Invitae NIPS prenatal test kit.
Causes for Rejection:Samples greater than 5 days old. Frozen specimens.

Processing and Shipping

Specimen Processing:Whole blood. Do not process.
Shipping Instructions:Ship overnight at room temperature. Must arrive at testing site within 5 days of collection.
Test Performed at or Referral Lab Lab Sendouts  (Invitae Genetics)


Reference Range:By report.

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