von Willebrand Factor Interpretation

Sunquest Code:VWINT  
Epic Code:LAB6600Epic Name:von Willebrand Interpretation
Order Instructions:no specimen, interpretation only.
Synonyms:Von Willebrand Interpretation; VWF Interpretation
Special Instructions:There is no specimen to be drawn. VWINT is an interpretation of the von Willebrand factor tests. Interpretation is done by a pathologist with Special Coagulation (UMMC-East Bank).
Associated Links:

von Willebrand Factor (VWF) Panel Algorithm, von Willebrand Factor (VWF) Screen Algorithm

Collection Instructions

Specimen:No specimen is required. This is an interpretation only.
Collection Instructions:Any questions, call the Special Coagulation Laboratory at 612-273-4797.

Processing and Shipping

Test Performed at or Referral Lab Special Coagulation  (UMMC-East Bank)

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