Sunquest Code:XMISC  
Epic Code:LAB4909Epic Name:Send Outs Misc Tests
Order Instructions:See Special Instructions.
Special Instructions:
    Required information:
  • Lab Guide Number: Found after the test name LG####. If the test is not in Lab Guide, enter LGP in the Lab Guide field. Enter "None" if the test is in Lab Guide, but there is no LG # after the name.
  • CPT Code: Found in Lab Guide. If there is more than one or if there is no CPT code listed, enter 11111
  • Specimen Type: Serum, plasma, EDTA, whole blood, etc.
  • Test Location: Reference laboratory performing test.
  • Test Name: The name used by the reference laboratory.
  • Test Code: The alpha or numberic code used by the reference laboratory. If no code is listed, enter "None".
  • Price: Enter 0.00 if the billing is to be entered manually. If the reference lab is billing the patient directly, enter DIRBIL. (The reference lab will bill the patient's insurance company directly).

See Miscellaneous (LAB4909) Order Work Aid for specific order entry information.    
Associated Links:

Miscellaneous (LAB4909) Order Work Aid

Collection Instructions

Specimen:Varies by test

Processing and Shipping

Specimen Processing:Varies by test.


Use:Used to order miscellaneous tests in EPIC that do not have a defined Sunquest Code. The specific testing information will print o the EPIC laboratory requisition or can be found in EPIC under the patient's laboratory testing.

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