Abbott i-Stat Activated Clotting Time, Celite - Point of Care Testing

Abbrev Code:ACTC   
Order Code:POC200Order Name:Activated Clotting Time Celite POCT
Order Instructions:If testing is to be performed by lab, please order LAB8298.
Synonyms:ACT, Activated Clotting Time
Methodology:Activated whole blood clotting time
CPT Codes: 85347 x1
Turnaround Time:Performed daily; results are available immediately.
Special Instructions:Call the lab to schedule/order laboratory performed testing at the bedside

Collection Instructions

Specimen:Whole Blood
Optimal Volume:0.2 mL
Minimum\Peds Volume:0.04 mL
Container:See Collection Instructions, Plain syringe
Alternate Containers: ACT cartridge available from laboratory
Collection Instructions:Venipuncture Collection: Use two plain syringes to minimize thromboplastin contamination. Collect 2 mL into the first syringe and discard, into the second syringe collect 0.2 mL to be used for testing. Do not use heparinized syringes. Catheter Collection: Flush anticoagulated catheter with 5 mL of saline. Collect 5-10 mL and discard, into a second plain syringe collect 0.2 mL to be used for testing.
Causes for Rejection:Extraneous heparin present in the sample; heparinized syringes; samples not collected immediately prior to testing.
Contraindications:Testing should be performed immediately. If there is a delay in testing or a repeat measurement is needed, a fresh sample must be collected.

Processing and Shipping

Stability:Test immediately. For questions, contact the laboratory point of care team at your facility.
Test Performed at or Referral Lab Point of Care  (Ridges, Southdale, St. John's, UMMC East Bank, UMMC West Bank, Woodwinds)


Reference Range: 75-150 seconds
Therapeutic Range:Dependent on clinical procedure.
Sheath Pull Guidelines:
  • If value is < 180 seconds, no further testing is required. The laboratory places orders for follow-up testing if the result is >180 seconds.
  • If value is greater than 180, repeat ACT in 60 minutes.
  • If value changed by less than 6 seconds, recommend a heparin 10a level. Rare patients may have a baseline ACT above 180 seconds and heparin 10a level of less than 0.10 IU/mL, indicating little or no heparin is present in the sample.

Testing Guidelines for PRISMA Patients:
  • 160-180 seconds for normal heparin.
  • 140-150 for minimal heparin
Use:Monitor a patient's anticoagulation state during high dose heparin administration.

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