HIV 1 Proviral DNA PCR, NICU Only Medical Director Approval Required,

Abbrev Code:XMISC   
Order Code:LAB4909Order Name:Send Outs Misc Test
Synonyms:Human Immunodeficiency Virus 1
Methodology:Real time PCR
CPT Codes: 87535 x
Turnaround Time:Specimens are sent to the reference laboratory Mon-Fri; results are reported within 1-3 days.
Special Instructions:NICU only, by prior Medical Director approval.

This test was developed by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and its performance characteristics validated at the WSLH. It has not been cleared by the US Food and Drug Administration.

Collection Instructions

Optimal Volume:1 mL
Minimum\Peds Volume:0.4 mL
Container:Purple (EDTA)
Causes for Rejection:Specimen collected in container other than EDTA. Specimens received >72 hours after collection.
Contraindications:Testing will not be performed as a screening test.

Processing and Shipping

Specimen Processing:Do not process; send 1 mL; 0.4 mL minimum whole blood. Store in refrigerated.
Shipping Instructions:Ship at refrigerated temperature to arrive within 72 hours of collection.
Test Performed at or Referral Lab Lab Sendouts  (Wisconsin State Laboratory of Hygiene)
Referral Lab number:SS00091


Reference Range:Not detected.
Use:PCR is a process of DNA amplification not dependent on an antibody response. It allows identification of HIV infection before symptoms of disease and seroconversion occur. It should be understood that PCR should not be viewed as a substitute for well established screening tests such as HIV Antigen/Antibody Combo and Geenius HIV-1/HIV-2 procedures and should be selected as the test of choice in only a few distinct situations. Specimens for HIV-PCR from the following patient groups will receive priority: neonates whose mothers are HIV antibody positive or considered to be at high risk for HIV infection; patients with HIV Ag/Ab Combo positive, negative or indeterminate Geenius serologies for HIV; patients suspected of acute HIV infection.

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