Lyme Disease Antibodies with Reflex to Western Blot, Serum

Abbrev Code:LYMEGM   
Order Code:LAB6417Order Name:Lyme IGG and IGM Screen
Synonyms:Lyme Borreliosis Antibodies; Borrelia burgdorferi Antibodies; LYMEGM
Methodology:Chemiluminescent immunoassay
CPT Codes: 86618 x1
Test Includes:IgM and IgG antibodies to Borrelia burgdorferi with confirmation by Western blot technique at an additional charge.
Turnaround Time:Performed Mon-Fri; results are reported the same day.
Special Instructions:
The CDC recommends Western blot confirmation on all positive and equivocal ELFA specimens. False positive results may be seen in patients with other diseases. The laboratory will automatically send all positive or equivocal specimens for Western confirmation.

Collection Instructions

Optimal Volume:3 mL
Minimum\Peds Volume:1 mL
Container:Red or gold (gel)
Alternate Containers: Green (lithium heparin, gel), Purple (EDTA), Red (no gel)
Causes for Rejection:Grossly hemolyzed, icteric or lipemic samples, samples containing particulate matter or obvious microbial contamination, plasma, CSF.

Processing and Shipping

Specimen Processing:Centrifuge and aliquot 1.5 mL, 0.4 mL minimum. Store in refrigerator up to 7 days.
Shipping Instructions:Ship refrigerated (no more than 7 days) or frozen at -20
Stability:Specimens should be maintained at 2-8 C for no more than 7 days from sample collection, otherwise they should be stored frozen at -20 C or below and shipped with dry ice.
Test Performed at or Referral Lab Specialty Core  (UMMC-East Bank)


Reference Range:

Reported as negative, equivocal, or positive. Equivocal or positive samples are confirmed by Western blot assay at ARUP.


Lyme Disease Antibodies by ELFA, Serum:


Less than 0.90




Greater than 1.10



Limitations:False positive ELISA results may be seen in patients with diseases such as syphilis, relapsing fever, infectious mononucleosis, Rocky Mountain spotted fever, SLE, CMV infections and EBV infections. Positive and borderline ELISA results are confirmed by Western blot. Patients may be serologically negative during the early stages of the disease.
Use:Diagnosis of Lyme disease in conjunction with clinical manifestations. Borrelia burgdorferi IgM and IgG antibodies are usually present within 1-3 weeks after disease onset.

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