Biogen Program, Alzheimer Disease Evaluation, CSF to LabCorp

Abbrev Code:LabCorp   
Order Code:LAB4909Order Name:Send Outs Misc Test
Synonyms:Beta Amyloid 42/40 Ratio; CSF Beta Amyloid 42/40 Ratio; Amyloid Beta; Biogen's Amyloid Beta Confirmed Program

Collection Instructions

Optimal Volume:8 mL
Minimum\Peds Volume:5 mL
Container:See Collection Instructions
Collection Instructions:Collect cerebral spinal fluid (CSF) in Sarstedt CSF Tube 62.610.018. Tube must be filled 50-80% minimum. Specimen must be collected in Sarstedt tube directly and cannot be transferred from a regular collection tube. If first 1 mL is hemolyzed, discard and continue to draw the sample.
Causes for Rejection:Wrong tube type; not stored at proper temperature; quantity not sufficient; sample transferred from another tube; gross hemolysis.

Processing and Shipping

Specimen Processing:Do not process. Store frozen.
Shipping Instructions:Ship frozen.
Stability:8 hours at room temperature; 8 days refrigerated; 30 days frozen.
Test Performed at or Referral Lab Lab Sendouts  (LabCorp)
Referral Lab number:505505


Use:To indicate the ratio of beta-amyloid 42 proteins to beta-amyloid 40 proteins measured in the CSF to aid in the assessment of disease progression in patients with suspected or probable Alzheimer's disease.

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