Renal Biopsy to HCMC or Mayo

Abbrev Code:Renal Biopsy   
Order Code:LAB1135Order Name:Renal Biopsy (Reference Lab)
Order Instructions:All renal samples should be sent to Pathology first for specimen processing.
Methodology:Preparation, staining and evaluation by light microscopy; Preparation, staining and evaluation by electron microscopy.
Test Includes:Processing, routine staining and microscopic examination. Special stains immunohistochemical markers or electron microscopy will be added when indicated at additional charge.
Turnaround Time:Results are reported within 10 days.
Special Instructions:Provide clinical information, including renal function and transplant history, on request form.

Collection Instructions

Specimen:Renal tissue.
Collection Instructions:Immediately place tissue into three containers:
  1. For Light Microscopy, place into 10% formalin fixative.
  2. For IF, place into Zeus Fixative.
  3. For EM, place into 1% buffered glutaraldehyde/Trumps fixative.

Processing and Shipping

Specimen Processing:Store at room temperature.
Shipping Instructions:Ship at room temperature. Must arrive within 24 hours.
Test Performed at or Referral Lab Lab Sendouts  (Hennepin County Medical Center, Mayo Medical Laboratories)


Reference Range:By Report.
Use:Evaluation of acute or chronic renal disease, transplant rejection or drug toxicity.

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