Haemophilus ducreyi

Abbrev Code:XMISC   
Order Code:LAB4909Order Name:Laboratory Miscellaneous Order
Order Instructions:Pre-Approval by CDC is required. Use the CDC GUD Test Order Pre-Approval link provided.
Synonyms:GUD; Genital Ulcer Disease
Methodology:Real-Time Multiplex PCR
Turnaround Time:Specimens are sent to MDH Mon-Fri; MDH sends specimens to CDC Mon-Thur; results are typically reported within 14 days after receipt at CDC.
Special Instructions:Contact the Minnesota Department of Health at 651-201-5073 before requesting this test.

MHF must complete the MDH submission form and list the requested test of GUD MPCR (CDC test code 10174). List the collection container type on the submission form. MDH PHL will fill out the appropriate CDC submission form.

The performance characteristics of this test were determined by STD Laboratory Reference & Research Branch (STDLRRB). It has not been cleared or approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

Associated Links:

CDC GUD Test Order Pre-Approval & Submission, CDC GUD Collection & Submission Instructions

Collection Instructions

Specimen:Swab from base of ulcer
Container:Viral Transport Media
Collection Instructions:If a single specimen will be collected, sample the largest, moist ulcer. If multiple ulcers are present and more than one specimen will be collected, a separate swab should be used for each lesion and placed in different transport medium tubes.
  1. Cleanse ulcer base thoroughly with sterile gauze pad or swab moistened in sterile saline.
  2. Firmly press and roll the sterile collection swab along the base of the ulcer.
  3. Immediately after sampling, insert the swab into the transport medium tube and swirl the swab for 5-10 seconds.
NOTE: A direct smear done at this point is nonspecific since other gram negatives have similar morphology to H. ducreyi, (e.g., Bacteroides fragilis).
Causes for Rejection:Multiple freeze-thaw cycles, as this may reduce the sensitivity of PCR detection.

Processing and Shipping

Specimen Processing:Freeze lesion swab in media within 3 hours of collection or store refrigerated for up to 48 hours. Store frozen.
Shipping Instructions:Ship frozen on dry ice. Must arrive to CDC within 14 days of collection.
Test Performed at or Referral Lab Lab Sendouts  (CDC via Minnesota Deparment of Health)
Referral Lab number:CDC-10174


Use:Establish the cause of chancroid, venereal ulcers.

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