Cytology, Screening Thin Layer Cervical-Vaginal Pap Test With Guided Screening

Abbrev Code:PITLS   
Order Code:LAB1000Order Name:Pap Imaged thin layer prep screening (Surepath, Focal Point with Guided Screening)
Synonyms:Cervical Smear; Pap Smear; Papanicolaou Smear; Thin Prep Pap; Thin Layer Pap; SurePath Pap; Autocyte; Screening Pap; Vulvar Cytology; Endocervical Cytology; PITLD
Methodology:Preferred methodology SurePath Pap test. Thin Layer: Processing utilizing SurePrep or Thin Prep processing devices (Grand Itasca location only), staining and microscopic evaluation.
CPT Codes: G0145 x1
Special Instructions:
Provide pertinent medical history.

Collection Instructions

Specimen:Cervical sample, endocervical sample or vaginal sample
Container:SurePath collection vial
Collection Instructions:
Thin Layer/SurePath:
  • Label the vial of SurePath preservative. SurePath vial must contain at least 2 patient identifiers: Patient name, date of birth, medical record number.
  • Using a Rover's Cervex brush, place the brush on cervix and rotate clockwise five rotations. Disconnect the brush tip into the preservative vial. Cap the vial and send to the Cytology Laboratory with completed request form.  All collection devices should be placed in the vial when sending.
  HPV Testing:
Answer the HPV reflex question. A separate HPV order is not needed unless ordering from the OR.
  • HPV regardless (the HPV test will be ordered after pap is signed out)
  • HPV reflex to ASCUS (the HPV test will be orderd if pap is signed out as ASCUS)
  • No (no HPV test will be performed).
Causes for Rejection:Thin Prep vial, fixation in formalin, vial mislabeled or not labeled.

Processing and Shipping

Specimen Processing:Store vials at room temperature.
Shipping Instructions:Ship vials at room temperature in a sealed leak-resistant bag.
Test Performed at or Referral Lab UM Cytology  (Range, UMMC East Bank)


Reference Range:Results are reported as negative to positive for intra-epithelial lesion or malignancy. Cytologically apparent infectious disease is indicated.
Results reported using Bethesda Pap test nomenclature and as negative to positive for pre-malignant or malignant abnormalities.

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