Creatinine, Timed Urine

Abbrev Code:UCRT   
Order Code:LAB3823Order Name:Creatinine Timed Urine
Methodology:Bichromatic enpoint calibrated to IDMS
St Johns/St Joseph/Woodwinds: Kinetic alkaline picrate
CPT Codes: 82570 x1, 81050 x1
Turnaround Time:Performed and reported 24 hours/day.
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Urine Collection Procedure

Collection Instructions

Specimen:Urine, timed collection (20 to 28 hours).
Optimal Volume:Submit entire collection; analysis requires 0.2 mL
Container:3 L plastic jug
Collection Instructions:Place specimen on ice or in refrigerator during collection.
Orthostatic Proteinuria Collection Only: Collect two 12 hour collections; one DAY and one NIGHT to diagnose orthostatic proteinuria. Order as two separate collections for their respective times.

Processing and Shipping

Specimen Processing:If two or more containers are received, verify that they are for the same collection time before combining. Mix collection well before aliquot is taken. Centrifuge specimens containing cells or precipitate. Aliquot 5 mL, 0.2 mL minimum. Store in refrigerator.
Shipping Instructions:Ship at refrigerated temperature.
4 days at refrigerated temperature.  
Test Performed at or Referral Lab Chemistry  (Range, UMMC-East Bank, Lakes, Ridges, Northland, Southdale, UMMC/UMMCH-West Bank, Grand Itasca, St. Joseph's, St. John's, Woodwinds)


Reference Range:
St. Joe, St. John,
M/F Std Clearance 70-135 mL/min/1.73m2
All other sites Female Std Clearance calibrated to IDMS 100-160 mL/min/1.73m2
All other sites Male Std Clearance calibrated to IDMS 110-180 mL/min/1.73m2
All sites M/F, 0-2 y 8-21 mg/kg/d
All sites M/F, 3-8 y 0.11-0.68 g/specimen
All sites M/F, 9-12 y 0.17-1.41 g/specimen
All sites M/F, 13-17 y 0.29-1.87 g/specimen
All sites F, 18 & older 0.80-1.80 g/specimen
All sites M, 18 & older 1.00-2.00 g/specimen
Reference range varies with amount of muscle mass present.
Use:Provide an estimate of time for monitoring excretion of other analytes.

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