Beta Strep Group A Culture (Throat, Rectal, Vaginal)

Abbrev Code:BETAA   
Order Code:LAB236Order Name:Beta Strep Group A Culture
Synonyms:Beta Streptococcus; CX; BETAA
Methodology:Beta-hemolytic streptococci isolated are identified as Group A or not Group A by serogrouping
CPT Codes: 87081 x1, 87077 x1
Test Includes:Culture for Beta Streptococcus only
Turnaround Time:Performed daily; results are reported within 2 days.
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IDDL (Microbiology/Virology) Collection Container Guidelines

Collection Instructions

Specimen:Throat, rectal, vaginal wab
Container:CoPan ESwab with larger swab, Culturette swab
Alternate Containers: CoPan ESwab with smaller swab
Collection Instructions:
UMMC: Use CoPan ESwab
FRMC: Use culturette swab
  • Throat: Depress tongue and rub swab vigorously over each tonsillar area and posterior pharynx. Any exudate should be touched, and care should be taken to avoid the tongue and uvula. Collect two throat swabs if also requesting rapid strep screen. Insert in container to ensure proper preservation of specimen.
  • Rectal: Insert swab approximately 1 cm into anal canal. Gently move the swab from side to side to sample the anal crypts. If fecal contamination occurs, discard swab and use another to obtain specimen. Place swab in transport medium.
  • Vaginal: Wipe away excessive amount of secretion or discharge. Obtain secretions from mucosal membrane of the vaginal vault with a sterile swab. Place swab in transport medium.

Processing and Shipping

Specimen Processing:Store at room temperature.
Shipping Instructions:Ship at room temperature. Must arrive within 24 hours.
Test Performed at or Referral Lab Infectious Diseases Diagnostic Laboratory   (Range, UMMC East Bank)


Reference Range:

No beta hemolytic Streptococcus pyogenes (Group A) isolated.


Use:Isolate and identify group A beta-hemolytic streptococci. Establish the diagnosis of streptococcus throat. Diagnose colonization of group A beta-hemolytic streptococci in vaginal/rectal samples.

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